Comments from students of E-GCPM:

“I recently took PSAT. I was able to answer at least 25 math problems because of being in the Correspondence Program. Thanks!”

“I loved doing the assignments, and they were fun. I learned how to better explain my ideas, which I used to have trouble doing.”

“I think that this is a very good program. At school I never fully understand what our algebra teacher is teaching us… and I always found algebra boring. But in your assignments everything is explained very well, so I understand it fully. I discovered that once you understand the material, it’s actually very interesting.”

“The comments were good. I like getting feedback, not just a right or wrong mark.”

“The Correspondence Program is a great experience. I learned many things and was put ahead of my class. The assignments are fun and challenging.”

“My friends and I enjoy doing (the assignments). The assignments are fun but challenging.”

“I believe that Gelfand School presents itself as a valuable supplement to my regular math classes.”

“The assignments are great in both reinforcing and augmenting my knowledge in a variety of topics in mathematics. The comments, both positive and negative, have always been thorough. I look forward to next year’s assignments.”

“I think that these assignments are a little hard. This is a good thing. I look at it as a challenge. I am looking forward to continuing with E-GCPM”.

“…everything I have read – your comments, books, assignments, etc. seem excellent and very interesting to me. Keep it up!”

“There is a lot of work that is involved in the program, and I don’t mind it, but school and sports take up much of my time. Sorry if my assignments are late, but I really want to be part of the Gelfand School.”

“I enjoy the assignments and find them challenging, which keeps me interested. I also feel it helps me in school, because some things we do in the E-GCPM we do in school, and I feel like I know this. I think it can be of great benefit to my future.”

“I greatly thank you and the founders of this program for enhancing my math skills. I wonder what I will do without these assignments now. I hope you have liked me as a student”.

“The assignments were very challenging to say the least. The books were thorough. Thanks for making principles of geometry easy to understand.”