What is E-GCPM?

Extended Gelfand Correspondence Program in Mathematics (E-GCPM) is an enrichment program in mathematics for junior high and high school students. E-GCPM allows students to study mathematics at home and get personal attention from a qualified mentor.

E-GCPM is modeled on GCPM (the Gelfand Correspondence Program in Mathematics) which was established by Prof. Israel Gelfand at Rutgers University in 1991 and operated until 2008. Due to students’ inquires and demands we have re-established E-GCPM at Rutgers University.

E-GCPM follows Prof. Gelfand’s principles and approach in education,
developed over his lifetime. This approach focuses on teaching students
how to:

* study and work independently;
* solve challenging math problems;
* understand the material rather than memorize it;
* express their ideas and knowledge in a clear and explicit way;
* discover that math can be easy and interesting.

These skills learned and mastered at E-GCPM will be useful for students
in their future career, far beyond math and science. This program is for
students who want to have a better understanding of mathematics and to
enjoy it.





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What students say:

E-GCPM Student
8th Grade

“I think that this is a very good program. At school I never fully understand what our algebra teacher is teaching us… and I always found algebra boring. But in your assignments everything is explained very well, so I understand it fully. I discovered that once you understand the material, it’s actually very interesting.”

E-GCPM Student
7th Grade

 “The Correspondence Program is a great experience!
I learned many things and was put ahead of my class. The assignments are fun and challenging.”


E-GCPM Student
6th Grade

“I loved doing the assignments, and they were fun.
I learned how to better explain my ideas, which I used to have trouble doing.”


E-GCPM Student
9th Grade

 “I recently took PSAT. I was able to answer at least 25 math problems because of being in the Correspondence Program. Thanks!”